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Chris L

Sell Zynga

Zynga rallied, then failed. It is re-testing sub $8 lows.
One can see from the 2019-2020 days of the Zynga scam.

As one user wrote:

Franks a REAL GREEDY, SLIME BAG as he has been lying for 4-5 years straight about the release an ORGANIC in house game (He been promising so many new games (like StarWars) are coming year, after year & quarter after quarter again, over 4 years of unfulfilled promises….

$ZNGA, Zynga Inc. / H1

instead all shareholders got was HUGE about of dilution (1.09 BILLION SHARES OUTSTANDING NOW 🤦‍♂️ and a CEO who was able to TRIPLE his own personal compensation (just before shareholders lose -35-40% over the past 6 Months ITS BEYOND DISGUSTING & looks BEYOND SHADY & definitely HAS SCAM WRITTEN ALL OVER IT! Frank was fully aware of the crash in SP he was about to cause WHICH IS Exactly why you saw him & his buddy Ger BOTH DUMPING 10s and 10s of millions of shares (Not dollars worth SHARES and of course they dumped everything in the $11S just before the stock collapsed! Same With his massively increased compensation he pulled out of his ass…as FRANK Tripled his own compensation in 2020 alone! Frank was already one of the most extremely overpaid CEOs on all of WallStreet well before this Tripling of his Comp in 2020.

This stock has never ONCE even traded a penny above Its ORIGINAL (decade old IPO???) why the hundreds of billions to this CEO/CFO upper mgmt? STOCKS GETTING ANNIHILATED WHILE ALL 3 Major markets soar to record all time highs over & over & over for a year straight (ZNGA Down huge -35-40% the past 6 months alone!
THIS IS BEYOND A SCAM! SEC should have been & still should be investigating the stock & all the shysters involved that cost retailers

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