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Chris Lau

Action List for Thursday, March 27, 2020

Nokia $NOK is the winning stock of the day. Accumulate.

Cruise ship stocks $RCL $CCL are on watch. Buy them later this year. It’s a 10 month wait.

$AMD is rebounding. But those who bought at $55 - $59 have more waiting to do.

$NIO is the fake $TSLA Tesla. Buy $TSLA and sell at $1000. After that, Tesla may fall after the Panasonic solar power partnership ended.

BEWARE: $NVAX and $TNXP are pump and dump stocks. Shameful. Buy ONLY $MRNA. The stock is up ~40% for value stock members so far.

Cannabis watch:

Sales are creeping higher. The biggest headwind is illegal pot costing 33% less. Watch $ACB $TLRY (sell) and $CRON CGC.

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