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Friday Morning Market Notes - March 15, 2019

SEC is accusing not just "fraud," but "massive fraud" against Volkswagen over Dieselgate. Got it. Pass all paperwork on to the "massive fraud" office ASAP.

Tesla back in the news and I can't help feeling that the big Model Y live-stream was nothing more than a chance to raise capital with pre-orders for a vehicle that may never see the light of day. That Elon Musk is a tricky fella. "S3XY" isn't a word, is it? Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Gigafactory 3 "final" design was also revealed. No wonder I had trouble sleeping last night. So much to process, so little time.

I am an investor in $BA and I am not rushing into derivatives.

The smartest group on Wall Street seems to be trimming their roster down a bit. Looking forward to the comments on how Goldman Sachs laying off 65 employees means nothing. Those would be the same folks who claimed Tesla laying off half its Global Recruiting team meant nothing.

Apple and Spotify in a battle over costs. Interesting. $AAPL

Facebook in the news for letting "two key lieutenants" to the "Zuck" go. Got it. PR Department is working overtime. Cake in the break room compliments of the remaining key lieutenants.

Where is Jon Corzine and didn't MF Global copyright "S3XY?"

Where is Marissa Mayer and could she become a key lieutenant at Facebook?

Where is Elizabeth Holmes and when will the HBO documentary debut?

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