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Chris L

Tonight’s Moves for Tomorrow, Thursday, October 11 2018

$AMD’s battle in the $30 - 33 range ended. The stock fell 8.22% and closed at $25 even.

$AMD, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. / H1

Yes, I reason $INTC is a buy here but $AMD still wins in the end. Superior CPU technology

Volatility $VXX is back. Will this hold or is it another head fake?

$GE’s rally faded somewhat, down 2%.

$BABA. Down and out. China stocks are in a world of hurt. So are you buying the dip or waiting on $JD, $BIDU, $MOMO, $IQ?

$SNAP is done. And it is taking $TWTR down with it.

$FB’s out too. No value with $FB as legal and privacy protection costs rise.

Payment processing stocks are out of favor. That was fast.

$SQ fell 10%.

Firesale with $MU, $AMAT, and other chip stocks. Buy.

What hedging will you do to protect against the downside?

Hold resources ex-gold? $CLF, $FCX.

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