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Morning Value Stock Notes

Grounding the Boeing 737 MAX 8 is the right thing to do. Let's put safety before stock price and get things fixed.

Tesla in the news for another announcement. The Model Y will be coming tonight! Can't wait to see what they have in store, sorry, online, for the SUV market. Still nothing on the Semi or Pick-up truck, I gather, but I may tune in to the live-stream just for kicks.

Wells Fargo increased the pay for the their CEO some 5% to $18.4M. Got it. Guess the Board feels that he deserves the pay increase. Clearly this is not performance related.

Facebook back in the news for all the wrong reasons. I wonder if "Zuck" has thought about making an EV. Might be a super-secret program at Facebook that is already under way.

Johnson and Johnson found to owe some money in the talc/baby powder law suits. They have some work to do, so it seems. 13,000 talc-related lawsuits are still out there.

FDA seems to be cracking down on e-cigarettes and the targeting of teens. It is about time, IMO. Still wondering how the stores that sell these products to underage users get away with it, but I guess that is not for the FDA to tackle.

Walmart is bringing an inexpensive, kid-friendly tablet to the table. Got it. Not sure what the price will be and what the tablets will be capable of, but it appears Walmart sees a market for these. Got it.

From: deer creek vols

$BA: PT -25% downside.

$FB: Buy.

$WMT: Buy.


$TSLA: Hold.

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