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Why Buy ContextLogic (WISH)

$WISH - Due Diligence

Current Price $13.85 Market Cap 8.5 B Cash 1.8 B Debt 0

Opening Point Wish is one of the most under appreciated assets in all of commerce. “Wish,” which has almost every unique, weird, and exciting thing to offer. It has a unique feel to it. Similar to Ebay Vs Amazon. Wish allows you to buy UNIQUE items for a discounted price. I think that the product quality, and delivery time will become better for the consumer over the next 12 months based on recent hires, and partnerships. Wish has a decentralized and asset light approach. Wish is BARELY a household name yet!

YOU can sell your products in no time on WISH following a general form and business verification.

1)Wish has a data advantage over its piers. 2)Discovery platforms are hard to design. 3)Wish has over 100M active users. 4) 70% of sales don’t involve a search query 5) 90% of purchases originate from mobile app. 6) Merchants gain instant access to 100M+ consumers 7) Wish Local (local brick and mortar stores are pickup locations for wish products. This is part of their asset light approach. 8) Wish local gaining transaction. It’s an extra revenue steam for businesses. 9) Wish product boost helps promote the product. (Similar to Tinder boost, or bumble boosts you horny fucks) 10) Data, and unique user base is why wish is a great acquisition target

Jackie Reses from Square helped bring Alibaba public, and was part of Square before they even went public! She is regularly on CNBC, & ARK Invests on YouTube. She is going to possibly provide financial services to the underbanked and the merchants they serve .She is possibly the KEY 🌟

Recent News Executive Chair Hire*


Vita box Partnership Teamed up with Wish to offer their catalog of over 38K products on Wish that are shipped from the United States and arrive at your door step in 3-5 business days.

For those of you that want to keep up with the top executives at Wish these are their socials

Jackie Reses Twitter

Peter Szulczewski Twitter

Notable Owners

Peter Thiel owns over 1B in $WISH shares. He is co-founder of PayPal, Palantir, and Founders Fund where he was the first outside investor in Facebook.

The Downside Wish relies on 90% of its sellers coming from China. This becomes a logistical nightmare. Long delivery times and product quality give Wish consumers headaches.

Closing thoughts. POTENTIAL IF they address these issues AND diversify the countries their sellers are from (Latin America, Africa, Europe, USA) etc this company looks like it has ALL the potential in the world. It could potentially allow you to sell to the American consumer while being from any country in the world.

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