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Chris Lau

Weekend Trading Plans for the Week Ahead for November 9-10, 2019

For no apparent reason, cannabis stocks staged a small rebound. SELL Cronos $CGC and Tilray $TLRY. Watch for a better entry price in Aurora $ACB and Canopy $CGC.

Trade $UI Ubiquiti. Sell a few shares but hold a core position after that solid rally.

$YELP Yelp is on the mend. Entry point at $30.

$TEVA Pharmaceuticals is now at the $9.00 level. Buy. Buy $BHC, a long time pick from Value Stocks group.

$NIO’s back to $2.00. As expected. $2.50 was yet another exit point. Sell into any rally.

Do not bet against $TSLA Tesla at this time.

$F Ford stock is stabilizing. $NOK Nokia has many sellers. Hold both, esp. Ford on the dividend income potential.

$ANAB plunged at -71% drop on Friday. Clinical results were poor. Continue holding $REGN Regeneron. Buy the stock at any level. $XBIT and $DERM, too.

Happy weekend. What stocks are on your radar for the following week?

Friday's stock chatter.

$BIDU is $120+ again. Where will it close at?

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