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Buy AT&T (T)

No matter what T does the financial media try to push it down.

Fortunately for those who are long T you cannot overcome reality.

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The telecom/media industry has been my home for 35 years, including the

first 13 at AT&T. It’s a business the runs on cash flow. John

Malone tan Liberty Media at a loss for decades without a problem because

it had the cash flow to to pay its bills. Same with the cable


T not only has the cash flow, but it generates over $20B in profits year after year. Yes Stephenson made a

bad choice to acquire DirectTV, but thankfully the core businesses

provide enough of a backstop to overcome that error. And the

5G/Fiber/HBOMax strategy has them positioned to steadily grow in the

coming years.

>>> Trade T stock on T2BF.

Who wants to buy companies at 30x earnings when you can have T at less than 10x earnings and also receive a

7% safe dividend (at my basis it’s actually a 7.5% yield)?

$T is not going to be the next AAPL, AMAZ, TSLA, etc. in terms of stock

appreciation. It’s too large already to ever grow like that. However,

if they can just execute on the current strategy they will easily retire

$100B or more of the debt in the next decade while generating solid

returns for investors on just the dividends alone. Even with the

naysayers the share price by then will have to be 2x-3x from today.

Being a big player in an oligopoly with high costs of entry has some

advantages. It’s about time that the financial media start covering T


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