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Thursday's Trading Chatter

Raising the debt ceiling?

That seems to happen at least as regularly as the swallows returning from Capistrano.

Why do they keep on going through all of this drama about raising the debt ceiling? Is it so they can add a little pork to the negotiations?

Just raise the debt ceiling to 100 trillion dollars and be done with it. After all, AOC's proposed green new deal is projected to cost 93 trillion dollars. We need all the money that we can get.

Get those printing presses rolling!

via bnh 2012.

ambiorix writes: UK wants to be smoke-free by 2030 ... perhaps through legal means if volition doesn't work? How are they going to allow smoking pot when smoking cigarettes would be prohibited.
Pharma is being sued for opioid drugs. It is foreseeable that rich pot producers will get sued for excessive use and its consequences
Rationality and common sense are becoming less and less common in politics.

Happy $SPY 3,000 day.

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