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Forecast came true

Mining Craze is Over. AMD Will...
16 july

The mining craze ended and short-term profitability tanked. Expect the market flooded with second hand AMD RX480 GPUs soon.

AMD will dip as a result.


$AMD, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. / H1


$NVDA, NVIDIA Corporation / H1

Related: Nvidia GTX 980 card prices may dip too. If you have an RX card, sell ASAP and use the proceeds to buy an NVDA GPU.

AMD will dip short-term Agree or disagree?

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Mining Craze is Over. AMD Will...

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Forecast came true

AMD dipped but Bitcoin is now at new highs: $4000. 4x up in 2017.
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    Rim Yusupov
    AMD will dip next week, though it has nothing to do with ethereum. Later movement of the stock depends on ER, and I am extremely bullish here. But let's see, I might be mistaking.
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    Merlinda Kalalang
    To be or not to be, AMD will go up in the long run.
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    Chris Lau
    "Cryptocurrencies took a beating over the weekend. Bitcoin traded as low as $1,836, down about 8% on the day, and almost 40% from its high of $3,018 on June 11, while ether plunged almost 20% to $155, knocking off about 60% from its high of $395 on June 13. The selloffs are yet another stark reminder that digital assets remain highly speculative trading vehicles."
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    Max Grigoryev
    People will switch their mining stations to mine other crypto-currencies. However I agree that AMD has other reasons to move higher