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Wednesday Chatter for June 12, 2019

Nothing but positives coming out of the Tesla shareholder meeting. No surprise there. Where is the mention of the submarine? Guess that tidbit wasn't newsworthy. No mention of finances either? Elon Musk seemed to pick and choose what to focus on and wasn't asked many tough questions. Typical. $TSLA Tesla up around 3.5% pre-market for those scoring at home. Mr. Musk assures the public their production will be second to none, and of course Henry the Horse dances the waltz.

Volkswagen says it ended its partnership with U.S.-based self-driving car software firm Aurora, choosing instead to begin working with Ford on autonomous driving. Roger that. Long $F.

JPMorgan lowers Beyond Meat to a Neutral rating from Overweight following the meat alternative seller's IPO run from $25 to as high as $186.43. This news "broke" yesterday morning around 7:00 am and was commented on by many WSB users. Here we go again. $BYND

Major United Technologies shareholder Bill Ackman is urging the company to call off its planned merger with Raytheon. When Bill Ackman speaks you can bet that Seeking Alpha will be there to hear it. I don't have a very high opinion of "activist investors" who are only looking out for their personal gains.

No Bitcoin updates lately? I see that the price is hovering around $8,000. Not sure what to make of this, however.

Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group said yesterday that it was ready to move assembly of Apple's iPhones out of China if necessary, and Japan's Sharp, which is controlled by Foxconn, said last week that it planned to move production of personal computers to Taiwan or Vietnam. Those tricky trade wars have folks looking at alternative site, so it seems.

Six Flags Entertainment announces that its Six Flags Great Adventure park in New Jersey is now almost fully powered by solar energy through a 23.5-megawatt solar project built and operated by KDC Solar. Got it. Almost fully sounds like something to get excited about.

Shares in the international unit of China National Tobacco - a state monopoly that accounts for 40% of global cigarette production - jumped as much as 10% in their trading debut in Hong Kong. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

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