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Why Google (GOOG) Has Upside

"He [Dan Niles] also said he still liked $GOOGL, although he has eliminated his position in the stock ahead of its earnings report, with a plan to potentially repurchase shares following Nov. 3."

Comment: I hope young and new investors are not trying to do something like this. How much could the man save? A few percentage points, perhaps? Remember, if he has a profit in GOOG, he had to pay a tax on that, which means he's going to have to see a pretty large drop in $GOOG to make the sell and plan to buy back a worthwhile endeavour.

Moreover, I want someone to point out a great and successful investor who thinks like this. I'll tell you that you can go back to the 19th Century, and you're not going to find one. And I mean somebody who's been investing in stocks for at least 25-years, is successful, and is/was still active after some 25-years and makes moves like the one the author is describing Dan Niles is making.

GOOG is a great company. You don't trade it. You buy it and you keep it, unless something changes, such as management or government laws, rules, regulations, or restrictions that harm the business. Or you need the money. Or something rare comes along that you think is a better investment.

Forget about all this selling and waiting until this or that occurs. You're not going to save any money that way; and the odds are really high against making any doing that type of thing. For all we know, GOOG will go up another 10% while this man waits for it to go down. He has no idea.

Buy good companies with good management and good products and/or services that have fat (and preferably) expanding margins. Make sure your investments know how to thrive during the good times and survive the bad ones (which inevitably come along every few years). Try to buy them when they're out-of-favour with the Mob, and if you have to sell them, try to do so when they're back in favour.

The odds are that you'll do very well over time. It will be less work, too. Spend your time keeping up with the businesses that you own. Know and understand what their marketing is and what they're doing to improve their products and to make their business more efficient.

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