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Chris Lau

Friday Chatter

Futures up on China trade talks. Shades are ready if the clouds part. Crude up. Amazing what an attack on a tanker can do. Gold down slightly. Bitcoin down and nearing the Mendoza Line once again.

Amazon is rolling out a fleet of branded truck tractors in its latest move to become a full-fledged logistics company. It was only a matter of time. No word from UPS or FedEx. I am long  $AMZN UPS FDX. Looks like I am heavy in logistics. You never know.

Ford reports sales in China fell 30.3% to 131,060 vehicles. Stock is up about 1.5% however.
The automaker says the volume drop reflects the slowing industry sales in the nation overall due largely to China V Emission Standard stock clearance actions.

A deadly lung illness linked to vaping has now taken the lives of more than two dozen people nationwide, according to the CDC. Of the cases where doctors know what patients were using, roughly 76% of them said they vaped THC, while 13% said they exclusively used nicotine.

FAA with an interesting statement on Boeing's anti-stall system. "The lack of a unified top-down development and evaluation of the system function and its safety analyses, combined with the extensive and fragmented documentation, made it difficult to assess whether compliance was fully demonstrated." Difficult to assess whether compliance was fully demonstrated? Yikes.

WeWork update. Thank you for this. JPMorgan is leading discussions to put together a rescue package for cash-strapped WeWork, which will need fresh capital by the end of November. Lots of WeWork coverage. Nice.

International energy company Halliburton has announced it will lay off 650 employees in the Rocky Mountain region, including an unspecified amount who work in Rock Springs. “Halliburton made reductions to its employee workforce in Rock Springs due to local market conditions,” Emily Mir, a spokeswoman for Halliburton said in a statement. “Making this decision was not easy, nor taken lightly, but unfortunately it was necessary as we work to align our operations to reduced customer activity.”

Elon Musk is excommunicado. Have no fear, there are other hotels besides The Continental.

Power outages in California bring another level of worry for EV owners. Have no fear. "All Tesla Supercharger stations in regions affected by California power outages will have Tesla Powerpacks within next few weeks," Elon Musk tweeted this morning in response to PG&E's shutoff of power to several California regions in order to minimize the risk of wildfire from high winds. "Just waiting on permits."

Where is Jon Corzine and will MF Global move closer to being a logistics company too?

Above notes via user dcv.

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