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Why Amazon's Alexa Listens to Private Conversations

Breach of privacy much, $AMZN. reportedly listens is on private conversations. Human transcribers convert the conversation to text and then feed the data to the system to improve upon the voice-to-text conversion. 

How wrong is that? One user s. mcmahon writes:

What bothers me about this:

1) As usual with these big-tech companies, "Amazon has never publicly disclosed the role of the group" which is another way of saying they were hiding it because they knew the public would raise concerns.

2) If these companies are now going to be in my house 24/7, and making billions by essentially selling my Sunday morning breakfast table conversations to to advertisers, then I should be entitled to receive some type of royalty payments from these advertisers as well.

I pay for the Alexa device that Amazon uses to snoop on me, I pay the mortgage on the dwelling that houses the snooping device, I pay the electricity bill that powers the snooping device, and I pay for the internet that connects the snooping device to Amazon. Why should I be footing the entire bill that allows Amazon to make money advertising off of me?


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