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Chris Lau

At What Price Will Bitcoin (BTC) Top?

Using the model of a population explosion (logarithmic) and crash...I predict $28,000.

What Price will Bitcoin top at? What do you predict?


Post your guess below.

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    Long/Short Investments
    If BTC could only be purchased in increments of 1 coin (similar to how you can only buy companies in whole-share increments, excluding ETFs), retail speculation would already be dead and the market would be predominantly left to institutions.

    It can go on for a while yet but have no idea on its terminal price, if applicable. I'm not sure how BTC would function in times of financial stress given it's not the liability of any central banking authority or secured by underlying assets of economic value (it's an application of blockchain but not backed by an ownership claim in the underlying technology).

    An issue of the current payments system is its heavy degree of regulation, so innovation to improve transactions speeds, etc., would be useful in reducing the need for decentralized systems.