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Pre-Weekend Moves for Friday, August 16, 2019

$TPR plunged, following Macy's $M post-earnings. $GPS is down, too. Retail is obviously sick and wounded. The trade war is souring sentiment and hurting demand.

$TPR, Tapestry, Inc. / H1

Short-selling attack on $GE. The CEO denied the accusations against the company's liabilities.

$GE, General Electric Company / H1

Big night for $NVDA.

$NVDA, NVIDIA Corporation / H1

Sell weed stocks. The speculation premium ended when stock markets started falling. $CRON $TLRY $CGC $ACB.

$TLRY, Tilray, Inc. - Class 2 / H1

$ACB, Aurora Cannabis Inc. / H1

$CGC, Canopy Growth Corporation / H1

$ACB and $CGC - Canopy Growth are compelling. Let the stock keep falling for a few weeks.

Are you holding any stocks through the weekend? You are daring. Consider selling most and waiting for the tide to settle.

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