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Chris Lau

Buy Facebook ($FB)
12 january

Facebook will overhaul the news feed. More attention goes to contacts and less to businesses. This may lead to lower time spent per user. 

But the translation here is: Translation: businesses must start paying to get more prominently on news feeds. 

Facebook is still a 'buy.' Agree or disagree?

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$FB, Facebook, Inc. / H1

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$TWTR will hold gains, move towards $25 - $30 by end of year.

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Buy Facebook ($FB)

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    Max Grigoryev
    Facebook is solid, I wonder how these changes of the feed will affect their ads revenue. People get used to publishers and news in the social feed, I think I consume some of the news from Facebook Feed as well. Moving towards social feed may hurt publishers and brands
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    Mark Holder
    Max, think this is a smart long term move, but ad revenues have to take a short term hit.