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Chris Lau

GM's Driverless Cruise

GM unveils a driverless shuttle.

Shuttles that drive the same route on specialized roads are the most viable use for autonomous vehicles. Picking passengers up at convention centers or airports and drop them off at pre determined locations can happen fairly soon. Full autonomous vehicles on the public roads is much much further away.

I personally am opposed to 100% autonomous transportation. The horse gave individual people freedom. Common people were able to travel faster and farther and anytime they wanted too, but the car increased that freedom a thousand fold. The car allowed people to go anywhere they wanted and anytime they wanted and at very fast speeds.

Autonomous vehicles takes much of that freedom away. The people that control the autonomous computers and data ultimately control where and when people can travel to. If "they" decide to restrict travel to certain areas or restrict certain people from traveling they will be able to do so remotely and on a massive scale. Additionally the ability to drive will be lost over a period of time. If you stop driving for a year or two you will lose driving skills and the young who never drove will be completely unable to drive themselves.

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