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Mid-week Morning Notes for Wednesday, May 1 2019

Will you follow the Sell in May and Go Away mantra?

The death of Apple has been greatly exaggerated.

Tesla's Elon Musk back in the news and it has nothing to do with the sale on solar equipment. The SEC and Mr. Musk have a settlement that lays out in more detail what types of statements by Musk must be reviewed by Tesla’s legal counsel before publication, such as financial statements, previously unreported production figures and delivery numbers. Sounds a lot like the original agreement to me, but what do I know? SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson still decried the agency's agreement, saying Musk had not yet admitted what is "crystal clear to anyone who has followed this bizarre series of events." Got it.

Amazon with a new Middle East marketplace. Roger that.

Philip Morris International won authorization from the Food and Drug Administration to sell iQOS, a device that heats tobacco rather than burning it, in the U.S. Interesting.

Not sure of the origin of "Sell in May" comes from, but just like you can expect March Madness and NFL Draft articles using stock analogies, you can place a safe bet that there will be numerous "Sell in May" articles. Personally, I don't view May as a special time when dealing with stocks in my portfolios and never have.

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