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Tuesday's Moves for August 13, 2019

$AMD is at $33 and will probably hold from there. $MU, $NVDA are struggling. The direction for chip stocks is bearish to random. Trade war talks will dominate their direction. It is not possible to predict what tweet will raise tensions.

$GE could fall below $9 and stay there. $CHK could be a $1.00 stock soon. Tough times for companies with weak fundamentals. O&G is falling off a cliff too. Watch for $XOM and a better entry point.

In the drug space, $PFE Pfizer is still in freefall. Markets don’t like the $MYL buyout. $NKTR stockholders are exiting. Sell and get what you can.

$DB Deutsch Bank will probably fail. So why aren’t European markets panicking?


$DXC Technologies is headed to sub $30 next. Would you buy any of these software stocks: $DOCU Docusign, $DBX Dropbox, $CLDR Cloudera, $CBLK Carbon Black?

Even e-payment firms are having a hard time holding up. Watch $SQ, $PYPL – Square, PayPal.

What are your trades for Tuesday?

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