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Tariff Delay Rumors Untrue: Agree or Disagree?

Markets added 100 points (Dow) on rumors Trump will delay tariff hikes of 25% for six months. Sounds too good to be true. Every day or every tweet is something different.

Tariff delay rumors untrue. Agree?

stephen mcmahon writes:
Every day it is a new tweet, or "anonymous source", or one of the three stooges (Kudlow/Mnuchin/Sanders) being rolled out to move the goal posts and drive markets in a particular direction. Never seen anything like this in the 30 years that I have been watching markets.
But just of these weekends when the market is closed, Trump will send out 60 tweets attacking EU leadership and labeling the EU as a manipulator ripping off the United States - to which we will wake up Sunday night with the market gapped down -2% again....and then by 10 am Monday, we will get the tweets about "what good friends they are, and the beautiful letter I just received from Angela Merkel" and then surprise, up we go again.
I'm convinced this is all concocted so White House insiders and their Wall Street cronies can make a fortune front-running all of this "news".

Disagree? A tariff delay will come.

Other notes:

The next G7 meeting will have Trump and Xi in talks directly. So why would there be tariff delays when the two sides have yet to agree on anything?

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Tariff Delay Rumors Untrue: Agree or Disagree?

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