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Chris Lau

Thursday Chatter for Oct. 10, 2019

Bloody Thursday. Be careful out there. $ROKU is the safe haven /s

Should you buy banks?

The central bank is expected next week to complete some of the most significant changes to bank rules since President Trump took office, changing the way it decides which large banks will be subject to the toughest regulations.

The Fed will vote Oct. 10 on a measure to ease liquidity and capital rules for large U.S. banks, a plan that could reduce regulatory costs for regional U.S. lenders with less than $700B in assets.

Last year, the Fed released a proposal that would categorize large U.S. banks into four buckets based on size and risk factors. That would either free regional lenders from certain capital and liquidity requirements or reduce their requirements.

It's also proposing to reduce the frequency with which the largest banks must submit so-called "living wills". The proposal calls for the largest banks to submit such plans every four years rather than every year, with a pared-down version required every two years.

Bank tickers: $BAC,$C, $WFC, $JPM, $GS, $MS.

Expert who called the 2008 crisis says repeat of December meltdown is inevitable

That's still two months of positive trading.

Soon to be Penny stocks to trade, AFTER a trade deal of any sort. Any positive sentiment will give these stocks a short bounce.


$BB, BlackBerry Limited / H1


$HIMX, Himax Technologies, Inc. / H1

DIY subscribers picked $IMOS at $12-13:


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