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Chris Lau

Friday Trading for January 31 2020

Crude up fractionally with Gold being down about the same, much to the displeasure of King Midas. Bitcoin remains above the $9,000 Almost All-Important level for no reason at all. Look like a typical day for Bitcoin.

Amazon with a huge Holiday season. Not a surprise to those of us who follow $AMZN closely. Stock is up 9.8% on the blowout numbers. This is how a growth stock should react to a great Quarter. A trillion dollar market cap is good start to a Friday. The stock price increase for $AMZN means that CEO Jeff Bezos added a cool $13.2 Billion to his worth. Not a bad day.

Elon Musk is excommunicado. The Continental and its services are closed to him.

GM is bringing a Hummer EV to the party. Let the revolution begin! Looks like there will be a Super Bowl ad for the Hummer EV. Funny that my wife and I joked with one of our sons about buying a Hummer. He was looking for a new vehicle over Christmas. Settled on a Volkswagen Jetta and broke our streak of sons owning Subarus. Said he didn't need AWD in Charlotte, NC. Roger that. We need AWD in our neck of the woods. 

Speaking of Subaru, it seems that my Ascent's Eyesight driver's assist program has trouble with dirt roads and roads that have been patched to the point of covering the lines. Who would have thought that this would be an issue? I keep being told that I am departing my lane when I am simply trying to stay on the road! I bet a true "autopilot" feature like Tesla has would keep me better informed. Maybe the Cybertruck or Model Y are the answer. If only they were available! Some day...maybe?

U.S. Steel is up 5% premarket in a very quiet move.

One-fourth of millennials have $100K in the bank. Interesting headline this morning. This is the 24 to 41 age group, so it seems. No idea how the experts arrive at 24-41, but OK millennials. 

Traders will digest Q4 results this morning from the U.S. oil majors after Shell's big slide already raised red flags for the industry. Got it. I hold several Oil & Gas stocks and have been very pleased with them. Big picture thinking on my part, I guess. Diversification and dividends are a good thing.

Anyone else excited to see $RIOT move ahead by almost 10% yesterday? It helps to have the SEC terminate their investigation. Speculative play in the old cyptocurrency market. This old dog still likes to hunt.

Nintendo is tamping down rumors and saying there won't be a new version of its Switch console coming out this year. The stock is down 4% on the tamping. Why didn't anyone tell the Nintendo executives that rumors can be a good thing? Seems the Switch Lite is enough for now. Missed opportunity for Nintendo.

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