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Why Amarin AMRN is a Buy

Europe offers a long runway and the new CEO

has vast experience in launching drugs there. I

thought he was brought in to insure the critical

pricing negotiations which are done country by

country in Europe would be handled by a competent

executive. My hope, is that he will set up AMRN for

a Euro-Centric BP to acquire as distribution of Vazkepa

could be optimized by Euro-Centric BP. (This is also why

Europe was not partnered.) Once BP see the pricing of

the drug for Germany they will extrapolate what they could

do with it.

Official approval in China will come at year end

and the market for Vascepa there will be massive as well.

Again, how Vascepa is priced in China will be a critical factor

in how large the market will be for Vascepa there. GIA is

a "fool's errand" for AMRN. In the hands of the right BP the

uptake of Vascepa would be optimized, at least in Europe.

Sadly, Thero was incompetent as CEO and Mr. Mikhail is

a seasoned executive with ties in Europe. If Vascepa is to

ever reach its full potential as a safe, effective, low cost

high volume medication it will only happen when it is owned

by the right BP! Thero failed to make that happen, the new

CEO will soon have his chance to get it right!

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