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Dryships (DRYS) Is the Short that Keeps on Giving
11 august

The stock deal cancellation send DRYS stock up 50%+. Ignore this rally. It's a stock for short-sellers that keeps on giving.

It is selling $100 million worth of shares to the CEO. So why is the stock up?

"DryShips Inc. said Friday it has approved the sale of $100 million worth of its common stock at $2.75 a share to entities affiliated with Chief Executive George Economou."

$DRYS, DryShips Inc. / H1

The cash injection creates liquidity for the company and inherently leads to the stock price adjusting for this. Too bad DRYS' business is permanently broken.


DRYS will fall. Agree?

Disagree: More gains ahead for DRYS.

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Dryships (DRYS) Is the Short that Keeps on Giving

13 people
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    Edy Bedoya
    Yes... Si.... Yes....! Don't touch it and get burn...!!!
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    Long/Short Investments
    DRYS is garbage. I think we all won this poll :)