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Q&A on Lucid Motors LCID

some of the information regarding $LCID.

Q: Why am I seeing hundreds of Lucid posts and why are they posting now?

A: Lucid just completed their merger and is no longer a SPAC, therefore it can finally be talked about on WSB. Not only that, but Lucid might have been the most hyped SPAC ever (correct me if I’m wrong).

Q: What is this scam?

A: Well, no… Lucid was formerly known as Atieva, a battery and drivetrain manufacturer for formula E. They started in 2007, they later decided in 2016 that they wanted to throw their tech into a car of their own. They have been around a long time, and the Lucid team has tons of experience in the industry (Lots of ex Tesla, Porsche, Apple, Google, Lotus, etc employees)

Q: Are they just another Tesla ripoff?

We’ll start with a note that Tesla started in 2003 and released their first car in 2008, a similar 5 year development to that we are seeing with Lucid - 2016 - 2021 (With any luck). Lucid and Tesla are two very different companies reaching two different markets (at least for the moment). Lucid is luxury EVs whereas Tesla has a great EV for pretty much everyone (if you can afford it). Peter Rawlinson of Lucid has stated that he intends to eventually manufacturer affordable EVs as well as their SUV (Gravity) and other cars.

Q: They’re way too overvalued and they have no cars on the road.

A: You’re right, but aren’t all EVs. Rivian has an estimated valuation of 70b, despite no cars on the road. According to Lucid’s timeline we should see some of the 10,000 preorders on the roads sometime around Q3.

I know I missed a lot. Please add in where I missed and feel free to correct me. Not telling anyone to go out and invest everything in $LCID, just do some DD before you write a braindead comment.

Lucid isn’t a short squeeze contender, while it was the most shorted SPAC, it doesn’t mean it will squeeze. Last I checked it was only at 18% SI. This is a long hold, despite what you might be hearing.

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$LCID, Lucid Group, Inc. / H1

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