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Tuesday Stock Talk for January 28 2020

Futures looking brighter this morning and following yesterday this is welcome news. No shades required. Crude down slightly. Gold up fractionally much to the delight of King Midas. Bitcoin up for no reason at all, just as it should be. Moving away from the $8,000 Remain Calm! level and inching closer to the $9,000 Almost All-Important level.

Boeing news brought to you this morning by Boeing, of course.

Nike has pulled all Kobe Bryant-related items from its online store following the tragic death of the basketball legend. Odd that nothing was mentioned yesterday on WSB of this and the potential impact to Nike. 

Exxon Mobil shares closed today at their lowest since October 2010, and the company's malaise runs deeper than the weak state of the crude oil market. I owned shares of $XOM for years and moved my money into $RDS.B about a year ago.

Analysts expect Apple to handily beat EPS and revenue estimates after the bell today, with an earnings report that will be the first to include Apple's TV+ streaming service, as well as holiday sales of the new iPhone 11 line and popular AirPods. Long $AAPL and looking forward to some positive news.

Coronavirus concerns hammered global stocks on Monday, with Wall Street recording its biggest single-day decline since October, though traders are hoping a full menu of earnings reports today can pull shares out of the latest downtrend. Mr. Market got slammed by this virus yesterday. Time to rebound and get back on track.

SpaceX yesterday called off a scheduled launch of a Falcon 9 rocket about a half-hour before liftoff from Cape Canaveral, but will attempt the mission again on Wednesday. Another 60 Starlink broadband internet satellites are set to be deployed, resulting in a total constellation of 240 that are operating in low Earth orbit. SpaceX is still a private company, right?

Speaking of satellites, what happened to the DirecTV satellite that was going to blow up? Big news last week and no follow-up. I am guessing that it did not explode. How is DirecTV service at this point? 

JPMorgan is keeping annual bonuses at its corporate and investment bank roughly flat for 2019 despite the unit notching its best year since at least 2011. Didn't I just read that Jamie Dimon received his bonus? 

Former Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg joined Caterpillar's board back in 2011. He has resigned from the Board. This Boeing news is brought to you by Caterpillar.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' ex-wife, MacKenzie Bezos, has sold about $400M worth of the Amazon stock that she received as part of the couple’s divorce settlement. MacKenzie's Amazon holdings amount to nearly $36B. Wow. 

No news on Tesla today?

Elon Musk is excommunicado. All services of The Continental are closed to him.

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