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Avoid China, Buy American Semiconductor Stocks

China's advancement in self driving vehicles is not an accident. They have real 5G which is not as the US seems to comprehend it a vehicle for smartphones and video streaming. To the Contrary, 5G and now 6G are all about network capacity. Online in China 5G is a massive network capacity of supercomputers that relay sensors and do the heavy computational lifting for driver less vehicles. The US rejection of Huawei, will be viewed by historians as the dumbest thing the US ever did with technology. They did it because of Ego, the US had and has no 5G. They are years behind. Just antenna density alone... the US would need 40X more antenna. So it is not happening in the US.

Meanwhile China is far ahead with AI, driver-less cars, trucks, and drones. This allows China to retool the future and prevents the US companies from any real accomplishments.

As for China regulators clamping down... China senses that some in the society have become money hungry, success hungry, hungry for material things and forming an idol worship for those that have obtained wealth and fame. This in China is going to be stamped out. China doesn't mind citizens getting rich, but it does mind how the rich act and this includes personal conduct. China believe that those who got rich in China, have an obligation to be unblemished, humble, and grateful to China. Behavior outside of this expectation will be crushed.

As for online businesses, China opposes heavy citizen debt and impulsive overspending. Gambling Casinos taking advantage of citizens with gambling fever and addictions will be quashed. China wants a thrifty middle class, free from obsessions of wealth accumulation. China believes that government regulation to protect consumers from those that would take advantage of them. China does not want a revolt of citizens because some self-dealer ripped them off and took advantage of them. Casinos are filthy businesses that destroy lives. In the US owning a Casino is a license to steal. This will not exist in China. There will be limitations.

Singapore has low crime. Why? They have lots of police and lots of rules that they enforce. While the US wants "no rules", the Asian countries want the vast majority of citizens to feel safe in all of their dealings.

Think about it this way. If the Chinese marketplace offered a money back guarantee on all products that Chinese citizens might buy would the Chinese Consumer buy more products or less? More. So the regulations while seeming oppressive to the Xenophobes in the US will actually strengthen Chinese global commerce in the long run.

$BIDU, Baidu, Inc. / H1

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Investors should avoid China. Invest autonomous by buying $NXPI, $AMBA, $INTC.

$INTC, Intel Corporation / H1

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